As you know I am a do it yourself investor. I believe anyone can be with the right financial education. If you want to use a full fledged financial advisor, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to do it yourself with a little help that is also possible. Below are websites that you can track all of your finances and investments with. They have free tools to help with this. You can also get advice on your portfolio for reasonable costs. If you want all of your investments in one place and maybe a little help from time to time, these websites are great.

Personal Capital: They offer free financial tools and help you track all of your investments. For reasonable fees they also help you manage them if you need it. If you want to stick to free they will even give you free advice on which funds to pick in your 401k. They are a fiduciary, have over 22,000 clients, and over 12 billion in assets under management. If you need more help they offer full financial planning, and even tax loss harvesting. If you don’t want to pay regular financial advisor fees but need some help, I highly recommend personal capital. Sign up here.

Blooom: That’s not a typo. It is Blooom with three o’s. You can also link your 401k’s and IRA’s to Blooom and manage all of your accounts in one place. They will even give you some advice for free on which funds will be best for your investing philosophy. They advertise 3 “Ways we save you from Wall Street’s excessive fees.”

  • Exposing hidden investment management fees
  • Eliminating “managed” account services
  • Steering clear of Target Date Funds

Again if you want some help with your investment management but want to steer clear of typical Wall Street advisors, then I recommend Blooom. Sign up here.

Wealth Simple: Wealth Simple is another website that helps you track your investments. It has tools for both your investments and cash savings. There are free tools to track all of your finances in one place. The also offer financial advice and management if you need it for a fraction of the cost of a typical financial advisor. Check them out and sign up here.

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