There are two ways you can do your financial planning. Do it yourself or hire someone to help you. If you do it yourself, you will need a lot of initial financial education and then continuing education throughout your life. There is nothing wrong with that. I actually have learned enough now where I am comfortable doing it myself.

However most people probably should have some help. The key is to find the right help. There are a lot of commissioned salespeople (Insurance salespeople, mutual fund salespeople, etc.) that claim to be financial advisors. It is important you don’t hire a commissioned salesperson to be your financial advisor.

Things to look for in an advisor: They need to be a fee only, fiduciary advisor. The fee also should be a fair fee. A fair prices should probably be a 4 figure amount. However the most important thing is to get good advice. No matter how cheap advice is, it doesn’t matter if it is not good.

Below you will find a list of advisors or firms that I recommend. I will update it as I find more that meet these criteria. These are all great options and are not in any particular order. Contact me if you have any questions about getting good financial counsel for a fair fee. (These are affiliate links. This site will be compensated if you use these links. See disclosures here.)

Smart Path Financial: (Click here to get quote) I have written several times that I do not use a financial advisor. I feel like I don’t need one personally. However, I think most probably do need one. At least for some time. I have done research and have found Smart Path Financial to be a wonderful choice for those of you who need financial advice. Smart Path financial is a “Fee only” firm and they do not sell any products. In other words they are not salespeople pretending to be financial advisors. Read below something taken from their site:

SmartPath does not sell financial products (things like insurance, accounts, or portfolio management). Instead, we give you a roadmap and charge a small fee for personalized coaching. We cover everything from figuring out how to pay off student loans to making smart investments.

We don’t have a dog in the fight so all the information is 110% focused on you. It’s not always what you want to hear, but it is strategic, helps you understand your options and tradeoffs, and gives you encouragement to push forward. Building wealth requires consistently making good choices over decades. If you’re committed, we make sure that happens.”

Watch the video below at click the link here to get started today and meet your new financial coach.

*Nothing on my website is professional or legal advice. I am only sharing information that I have learned and it may or may not be accurate. I am not liable for any problems you may have by following this advice. Please do further research and get professional and/or legal advice about any of these topics. This page contains affiliate links. This site could be paid for clicks or purchases made through these links. See my disclosure here.

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