If you are not going for student loan forgiveness, refinancing your student loans to a private lender is a no brainer. You will get a much better interest rate and potentially save 10’s of thousands of dollars. Here are a few options below. (These are affiliate links and this site will be compensated if you use these links. See disclaimer/disclosures here).

Splash Financial: Splash Financial is a juggernaut in the student loan refinance space. They have helped thousands of people like you refinance their student loans and save tens of thousands of dollars. Read below from Splash what sets them apart:

Splash Financial loans are funded by banks and credit unions to ensure market leading rates. This allows Splash Financial to offer amazing benefits such as:

  • Market Leading rates: Variable rates start at 2.27% APR and Fixed rates start at 3.48% APR.
  • 95% of Splash Financial borrowers are satisfied with their new rate.
  • Our seamless online experience takes the hassle out of refinancing.
  • Real people means real concierge service to help you every step of the way.

Click here to get your rate quote with Splash financial today.

Laurel Road: I hope you have read my story of how I paid off my student loans of over $400,000 in three years. Part of that story was refinancing my student loans. And who did I refinance with? You guessed it, Laurel Road. The truth is all of these recommended companies are good. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Laurel Road because I used them. Use this link to get your rate quote today.

SoFi: SoFi is one of the leaders in student loan refinancing. Click on this link and get your free rate quote today. You will get $100 cash back when you use this link. Here are some features they advertise

  • Refinancing student loans with SoFi can save thousands.
  • No origination fees or pre-payment penalties. What you see is what you get.
  • Simple online application and access to live customer support 7 days a week.

Credible: Credible is cool because it’s kind of like Kayak for student loan refinancing. They check several different lenders to find the best rates for you. In fact, they are so confident that they will pay you $200 if you find a better rate somewhere else.

Give them a shot at this link. That way you can get several different rates with one application.

LendKey: Like Credible, Lendkey has a network of credit unions and banks they use for the refinance. Getting a rate quote from LendKey could help you get several more different options to refinance. Some highlights of using LendKey include:

  • Many of our student loan refinance lenders offer various repayment options, including fixed and variable rate loans from 5 – 20 years.
  • Through our lenders you’ll be able to refinance student loans, both federal and private, including graduate loans, into one convenient loan at a great rate.
  • No Origination Fees

Use this link to get a quote from several different banks and credit unions in LendKey’s network.

*Nothing on my website is professional or legal advice. I am only sharing information that I have learned and it may or may not be accurate. I am not liable for any problems you may have by following this advice. Please do further research and get professional and/or legal advice about any of these topics. This page contains affiliate links. This site could be paid for clicks or purchases made through these links. See my disclosure here.

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