I don’t have any of my own courses yet. I hope to do one in the distant future. However, I have taken several online courses and plan to take more. I will share with you the one’s that have helped me a lot and that I highly recommend. I would never recommend something I don’t believe in. Below find the courses I recommend. I will add to the list as I take more that I believe will benefit others as well.

Fire Your Financial Advisor: As far as financial courses go, to me this is the course of all courses. This is the White Coat Investor’s course. It is a step by step guide of how to write a complete financial plan with video and screen casts. Read my review of this course here. You will actually have a personal written full financial plan when you complete the course (as opposed to getting done with the course and then having the tools to go do it on your own). He holds your hand through the whole process. Even if you still want to have a financial advisor, this course will help you tremendously to work with a financial advisor to implement the best financial plan for you. I cannot recommend this course enough. Purchase it here.

2020 Continuing Financial Education: I attended this course live. It was spectacular. I am confident that you will further your financial education by taking this course. And the live version was twice as expensive as the online version. Yet with the online version, you still get all of the same talks and education. You also get CE credit. You have nothing to lose as WCI gives you a 7 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and a financial education to gain. Purchase it here.

Zero to Freedom through cash flowing rentals: I am a HUGE fan of investing in a simple 3 to 7 fund portfolio of passively managed indexed stock and bond mutual funds. It is enough. I am not in to a lot of alternative investments like precious metals or cryptocurrency. However, I fully admit that real estate investing is a wonderful asset class. It is proven to be a great tool to build wealth. In this course, Semi-Retired MD will teach you how you can invest in cash flowing rentals and be as uninvolved as you want and still make money.

Financial Freedom thorough investing in cash flowing rentals is possible. Let Semi-Retired MD show you how by taking this course. Sign up is only available from June 1st-June 14th. So don’t wait. Sign up now and learn how you can go from Zero to Freedom through investing in cash flowing rentals.

A Course by Semi-Retired MD

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