Good Job!

You have some studying to do 🙂

#1 What is an example of a qualified retirement account?

#2 Investing in a lot of single stocks is a good idea?

#3 To get a good mutual fund, it will most likely have a load?

#4 What is the best definition of Savings rate?

#5 You can save for retirement outside of retirement accounts?

#6 After you max out your retirement accounts, what are good ways to save for retirment?

#7 It is possible for a busy High income professional to manage your own finances?

#8 Is it ok to hire a professional to do your finances?

#9 What is a good example of a GOOD, diversified portfolio?

#10 It’s possible for a dentist or a doctor to have over $400,000 in debt and pay it off within three years without outside help? (Hint, see my start here page)

#11 What is lifestyle inflation?

#12 What does “living like a resident” mean?

#13 How long should you “live like a resident”?

#14 Which of these is directly in your control?

#15 Forming an LLC provides asset protection in malpractice lawsuits?

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