Debt Free DDS’ Friday Favorites are a collection of this past week’s (or month’s or year’s if still relevant) financial blog posts, articles, or other resources. These are resources I have found very helpful for me on my journey to becoming debt free, financially literate, and financially independent. I believe they will help you too.

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Without further ado let’s get into this week’s favorites…

Debt Free DDS’ Friday Favorites 01/24/20

1)As many of you know, I was able to pay off over $400,000 of student loan debt in three years. I attribute a lot of that to what I learned from The White Coat Investor. This week he was at it again giving us the run down on how you can do it even faster than I did. Read here how to do it in less than 2 years.

2)Like many other dentists and physicians, do you have a lot of debt? Wealthy Doc had a great post about how he destroyed his debt and how you can too. I highly recommend you read it here. You can also read how I did at destroying my debt in 2019.

3)Can you be taught to manage your money well? Chances are since you are reading this post and blog, you can. Unfortunately not everyone can learn this stuff well according to Jonathan Clements at Humble Dollar. Read more about those who can learn this stuff and how we can help those who can’t.

4)Do you want to get into Real Estate investing? In my opinion the three best broad asset classes for investing are Passive Index Stock and Bond mutual funds, and Real Estate. There are several different ways to get into Real Estate investing. One great way is Real Estate Crowdfunding. Who else better to teach you the best places to go for this than Passive Income MD himself. He recently updated his “Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites”. Check it out.

5) I love sports. I think sports can teach us a lot of lessons in life. The Physician Philosopher taught is recently how we can be better with our money using 5 lessons from sports. It is great advice and a great read.

This Week’s Recommendation

Do you still have student loan debt? If so, have you refinanced them? If you are not going for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, chances are refinancing your student loans is the correct choice for you.

One great company for refinancing your dental or medical student loans is Splash Financial. They have helped hundreds of people like you refinance their student loans and have saved them thousands of dollars.

Refinancing your student loans could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Start paying more towards principal and less towards interest as soon as you can by refinancing your student loans now

-Debt Free DDS

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