Debt Free DDS’ Friday Favorites 01/03/20

I’ve explained before that getting an initial financial education and furthering your knowledge with continuing financial education is a must to be financially successful. And being financially successful will bring peace of mind, prevent burnout, and also help you to be a better dentist (or better and whatever job you do). It will also help you in your relationships. That’s why I will start posting resources every week as Debt Free DDS’ Friday Favorites. These will be articles and resources that will help you in your journey.

Financial problems have proven to be integral in many divorces, as well as suicides. Taking control of your finances by learning and growing is essential. No one would think they could be a successful dentist, doctor, teacher, etc. without having an education first. Likewise, you can not be successful with your finances without getting an education

If you need help with financial education resources, please see my Financial Eduction Resources tab. If you are drowning in student loan like I once was, start by refinancing them to get a lower interest rate. See my Student Loan refinancing tab for great options. And if you don’t feel like you know enough to manage your own finances and you need help, see my Financial Planning Services tab for help.

Debt Free DDS’ Friday Favorites

As part of my financial education I read many different blogs and articles as well as books. Each Friday I will recommend a few of these articles or books to help point you in the right direction. Some of the articles posted may be from the previous week, or they could be from several weeks, months, or years ago. As long as they are still relevant and helpful, I will put them in these weekly round up posts.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites that I recommend you read for your initial or continuing financial education.

1)I can’t start off this new tradition without recommending the book that changed my financial life. If you haven’t read it yet, please read Jim Dahle MD’s book “White Coat Coat Investor: A Doctor’s guide to Personal Finance”. Ready my review of it here.

2)This week the Physician on Fire reminded us of the Importance of a Legacy Binder. I have one based on his recommendation. It is really slick. It will really help those left behind in the case of your demise. I hope it’s not needed but hey, we all have life insurance and disability insurance too right? Hopefully.

3)The Physician Philosopher gave us fantastic 11 SMART Financial Goals for your New Year’s resolutions. These are wonderful goals for each of us to set. See my own post about New Year’s Financial Resolutions here.

4)Recently Wealthy Doc wrote about Real Estate investing for doctors. It is a great review of Dr. Cory Fawcett’s book “The Doctors Guide to Real Estate Investing for busy Professionals”. I haven’t read the book yet, but I did purchase it based on Wealthy Doc’s and White Coat Investor’s recommendations. It is in my library now and I will read it soon.

5)Passive Income MD reminded us that we must be Proactive, Not Reactive when it comes to Creating Passive Income. Who better to teach us that than Passive Income MD himself. Creating avenues of passive income will accelerate your path to financial independence. It could even help you work less at your normal job now.

Let’s start 2020 of right

I hope you enjoy these articles. All of these articles are by people that have helped me tremendously on my journey to become debt free and financially independent. I know they will help you too.

I challenge you to read all of these resources soon to start off your initial or continuing financial education with a bang.

And remember, you don’t have to be a slave to debt. Together we can become debt free.

-Debt Free DDS

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