I take my lunch to work

I hear my employees worry and complain all of the time about how little money they have. Yet they buy lunch every single day. I also hear about how they buy dinner at night and on the weekends. A lot of them drive nicer cars than me too. Yet I take my lunch to work every single day.

Why I take my lunch to work

1. It is easier to eat healthier. There are healthy options to buy as well, but it is harder. There are several fast food restaurants right by my office and it would be tempting to eat there just for convenience sakes if I didn’t already have food.

2. The other obvious reason is to save money. Rich people are supposed to drive fancy cars, and wear the fanciest clothes, and eat fancy lunches at fancy restaurants right? No. That’s what people do who want to look rich (and maybe some actual super rich people). But not me. I have a goal to be financially independent. And saving money every single day on my food adds up.

No matter how fun they look, lunches out can add up big time.

Other ways to save on food

My wife and I love to go on dates to restaurants. But it is once a week. Not several times per week. All of the other nights we have family dinner at home. That is better on the pocket book and better for family time (old fashioned right?). We also sale shop. Every week we get those adds from all the different grocery stores. Yeah, we look at them and don’t throw them out. Produce and other healthy foods can be expensive. So whoever has the best sales on produce, that’s where we shop that week. Luckily none of the stores are really out of our way. It’s not too much effort or inconvenient to do this.

Does taking my lunch everyday take a little more effort than just buying? Maybe. But to become financially independent takes effort. Avoiding lifestyle inflation can be a struggle. And that’s ok. It’s little things like this that can add up to take a decade off the amount of time you MUST work. I challenge everyone to take your lunch this month. See how it goes and let me know.

-Debt Free DDS

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